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This was an unreal experience that everyone should get to do!! Josh was incredible and extremely patient the throughout the entire experience. I will remember this for the rest of my life!

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The workshop was a lot of fun and very instructional. Well worth it for aspiring guitar luthiers or even those just looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I came away with the confidence that I could build another guitar on my own. And I took home a quality instrument that I can be proud to play anywhere. Josh gave great insight while allowing me to be creative with the build.

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For someone starting out on his "bucket list" journey into all things "guitar" this was simply the best experience possible. Guitar Build Workshop starts you with the basic elements of a guitar (body, neck, and all quality parts and electronics). 8 - 9 hours later you have completed your great looking, great sounding, easy playing guitar. It's fun, very informative, and gives you the satisfaction of building your own one-off electric guitar that you will cherish for years to come. Leave your doubts at the door and have the time of your life!

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This is by far one of the coolest experiences in Nashville! Knowledgeable and personable teachers help create this unforgettable memory. Not many folks can say they built their own guitar, but I can! Highly recommend for guitar players and non-guitar players alike!

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I got this experience as a gift for my 50th birthday, and it is among the best gifts I have ever received! The staff was excellent, supportive and very knowledgeable. I learned so much about setting up a guitar and what separates a good from a great one. The final product is beautiful and is the coolest souvenir you can possibly receive. I give this my highest recommendation.

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Josh is the man! He made the process super easy and explained everything in simple terms. If you get a little off the rails during a step, he's there to get you back on path. I am super thrilled with my guitar. I've been playing for 15+ years and this is truly a guitar I could play everyday. Great sound and playability.

This was my 40th b-day gift, so my wife was there (she signed up for the $100 helper package). Josh even let her build a guitar-shaped cutting board while shewas assisting me. He and his helpers take customer service to the next level. Plus, Josh is an all around great guy. I would suggest this workshop to anyone who plays guitar or a novice who just has an interest in guitar and how they work. Heck, do it if you just want a beautiful guitar to hang on your wall. It's a blast!

Thanks for a great experience Josh!
Preston Flanders, Knoxville TN

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Attending the "Guitar Build Workshop" was such a unique and fun opportunity for me. I had a great time learning the fundamentals of this specialized craft and, ultimately, coming home with a terrific instrument that sounds and plays beautifully. I would recommend this workshop to anyone with an interest in getting a real hands on introduction to this specialized skill. Thanks again Josh for your instruction, guidance, and the passion you possess in sharing your knowledge with students like me. You are a true artist!

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Wow! From the moment you walk in the door of this shop, you are greeted by energy, passion, and connection. The atmosphere of the entry space alone, captures the true love of guitars! Weathered and distressed boards serve as the backdrop of multiple wall-mount guitars. Each one on display, screams of a story that makes it uniquely its own.

The crew is incredible! Each station from sanding, to staining and finishing, and parts assembly, has been impeccably prepared and organized, which eases any first-time-builder anxiety. Instruction is clear and concise each step of the way! Before the first tool is used, participants are told what the day's agenda will be, and even what emotions one will most likely experience. This provides a great deal of comfort and reassurance.

Even if you never aspire to play guitar, or any instrument for that matter, make time to experience this workshop. It yields tremendous satisfaction knowing that the very thing you made can be used to bring joy and fulfillment to someone's life, hopefully your own!!!

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What a great day! I've been playing and collecting guitars for almost 20 years and this has to be one of the most unique guitar experiences I have ever had. Arrived at 9 am and was greeted by Josh (the owner and instructor) and his wife, took a few minutes to look at his custom guitars and then jumped right in and began to sand the guitar body. Spent some time sanding the guitar to a velvety finish, while my wife learned the finer points of sunburst staining the guitar. Once Josh approved of the guitar finish, we went to the staining area and began to choose colors and learned methods for finishing the guitar body. I chose a blue sunburst, Josh let me take my time, encouraged me along the way and assisted when I needed. Once the body was stained, I moved on to finishing the neck, sanded again and even branded my neck with the company logo. Soon after we broke for lunch, shared some awesome BBQ and talked guitars. Jumped right back in and spray lacquered the guitar, Josh took the time to explain the process and encouraged me along the way. After the body dried we moved onto electronics, I was able to assemble the pick up and wiring, solder and install the other electronic components. I installed the tuners on the neck, as well as bolted the neck to the body. Guitar took shape about 3 hours into the class. Josh then spent some time educating me on setting the guitar action, fretting the guitar and adjusting the truss rod. I am definitely more confident after leaving this class to adjust and repair my guitars. After about 5 hours I had a playable guitar. Sounds really great. Definitely a unique keepsake from music city. If you are a guitar player, enthusiast or just want to try something different head to Guitar Build Workshop

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Guitar Build Workshop is a phenomenal experience! Very professional and knowledgeable staff with years of experience and expertise throughout the guitar industry. If you need something to do in Nashville, this is it and where else can you make something of high value for such a minimum cost!
You won't regret the time you spend building something you can play or hang on the wall. Great for family bonding!

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I traveled with my 14 year old grandson from Cleveland Ohio to build two custom guitars with this incredible staff. Truly a pleasure at every turn and worth every nickel. An unforgettable experience that my grandson and I will never forget. We will forever be able to hold in our hands two incredible instruments that play and sound great. Building guitars and memories simultaneously. Nothing better!

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I'm not even sure where to start, other than this was a total blast! Whether you are a guitar nut, beginning player, or just visiting n
Nashville and want an awesome souvenir, The Guitar Build Workshop is a fantastic way to spend a day. Josh was a pleasure to work with through the process, providing all the tools, tips and tricks to make an unforgettable experience. Walking out with a quality instrument that was put together with your own two hands is incredibly gratifying. 10/10!!!

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100% recommend Guitar Build Workshop. 

Josh, our instructor, is so friendly, VERY patient, and a great teacher. The class can run for about 8 hours, and Josh made sure every second of the class is enjoyable for everyone. 

From seeing your guitar in pieces at the beginning of class turn into a playable, quality instrument you built yourself is an amazing feeling. This experience is like nothing else I've done before. From the second you finish building your guitar, you plug in and can hear your work come to life.  

This definitely isn't just for guitar enthusiasts. I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a truly unique experience where they can walk away from with a beautiful instrument that is truly personal to the individual. 

Let's not forget catered lunch! Absolutely delicious! 

It's awesome when I sit down and play the guitar I made, to be able to feel the work I put into it. It feels different to play than all my other guitars because I was the one who built it! It plays beautifully, and is a great story and talking piece to share with family and friends.

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Awesome, unique experience we enjoyed together on our honeymoon's last, rainy day (perfect time to tinker in a garage!). Reasons you should too--whether or not you are recently married: you will (1) learn about the math and science of guitar construction and sound creation as well as the guitar industry and artistry; (2) get satisfaction and confidence from building and customizing something with your hands and various tools--it's a puzzle and a canvas as well as a guitar; (3) you get a new, one-of-a-kind electric guitar and gig bag; (4) you meet some of the nicest Nashvillians who will point you toward the best barbecue and other local attractions; (5) will be more self assured and reliant when repairing your instrument(s) in the future. The first half of the workshop is for any and all crafty types--staining the body, sanding the body and neck--you will get in a flow and express yourself. The part after lunch is more for the engineers among us or the engineering part of your brain, a puzzle to assemble and an instrument to optimize. For this couple, division of labor/collaboration fell really naturally along these lines and provided a fabulous time for both of us. Could be a great gateway drug to more intense luthier workshops spanning several days or weeks or your once-in-a-lifetime gem of an experience. Either way, great activity for all levels. I haven't found another workshop like it that takes you from wooden shapes to exquisite instrument in one day. Keep up the great work, GBW! 🎸

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