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  • Do I need to have woodworking experience?
    No you do not have to have any woodworking experience. In fact some of the best results we have had in the class are from students that have had none.
  • Do I need to make reservations or can I just show up?
    Reservations are required!!! Due to the amount of preparation required for each student we need to know our head count as soon as possible. Our window for reservations ends at 7pm Friday before the class begins. There have been times we have been able to accomidate walk-in students, however, we are not always at the workshop if a class has not been scheduled.
  • What are the age restrictions?
    Children under 15 need to be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Can I bring my significant other?
    The student assistant/helper has been put temporarily on hold. We hope to reinstitute the assistant this in the summer of 2021
  • Are classes available on any other days other than Saturday?
    Most of our classes occur on Saturdays, but from time to time we are available to teach on other days of week. If you are interested in a different day please call our office or email us to see if we have staff available for that day.
  • Are there any other options available to upgrade my guitar?
    As of right now you are able to upgrade your pickguard from a plastic vinyl material to a metal finished material. You can also upgrade to include a gig bag or a hard shell case. We also have unique body and fingerboard wood upgrades. All upgrades are available based upon current inventory.
  • Can I bring my own pickups and Hardware?
    We cannot offer this option at this time. However, with the skills that you learn from class you will be able to hot rod this guitar or other guitars that you build with your own hardware.
  • I don't have a full 8 hours to spend at the workshop, is there anyway that I can still take part in the event?"
    Yes you can. We have a partial class where students with limited time can stain and finish their guitar. Our staff will then complete the guitar and ship it to them when it is all set up. This is a popular option for individuals that have limited time in town.
  • Do I need to be able to play the guitar to attend a class?
    No, you do not need to know how to play guitar to attend our class. In fact, 50% of the participants that take the class do not play a guitar and do not intend on playing guitar. This is a great opportunity to learn the guitar, but it also a great opportunity to build your artistic and woodworking skills and meet some great new people.
  • Can I purchase a kit to take home and build on my own time?
    We do offer kits on a limited basis. Please call our office to inquire on availability.
  • Do you guys offer any professional services such as guitar setup, fret dressing or replacement?"
    We offer professional setup services as an upgrade. If you're unhappy with the playability of your guitar and you wanted to play like the pros, you can leave your guitar with us overnight and we will set it up to play like a champ.
  • Do you offer advanced classes?
    Right now we do not offer any other classes. As we grow the workshop we will start to add more advanced classes such as set up, fretwork........etc.
  • What type of finish is used?
    The finishes that we use right now are an alcohol based stain, with a shellac top coat and a wax polish. Due to time constraints of the class we are limited to this finish. This is a very environmentally friendly finish that dries quickly, is cool to the touch and has a great aged feel. Some have compared it to a violin style finish.
  • Are there any other configurations available for pickups?
    We continue to upgrade our models each year. Each model year will have its own unique configuration, and be upgraded yearly.
  • Are there any other body shapes available?
    We will continue to add new shapes and options to our catalog as our company and capabilities grow.
  • What are the guitar pickups used?
    Our pickups are specially designed by our staff and custom manufactured at a world-class facility that manufacturers components for all the large guitar manufacturers.
  • Are left handed guitars or basses available?
    Yes they are. Just make sure that when you sign up thru our Eventbrite page or call in, you specifiy your playing orientation.
  • Are acoustic guitars availble?
    Sorry not at this time.
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